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 How to wax your eyebrows? THERE IS A PAINLESS WAY TO DO IT.

Eyebrow waxing is ideal for those who are always ahead with the grooming ways and don’t want to be left behind when it comes to having the fancy shapes of eyebrows. Eyebrow waxing originated in Manhattan and has become a widely popular salon treatment, a must for every time you visit one.  Now a day, almost every popular salon uses Dr.numb numbing cream to serve the customers.

Eyebrow waxing is done with the help of waxing strips, which are generally made of soft plastic and have adhesive (wax) on one side. These strips are cut out in the middle in the shape of an eyebrow and therefore act like stencils. Stencils of different shapes are available and there is a wide variety to choose from and find your perfect shape. Shapes like round, arched, angular, flat and curved are available among many others. Shapes and their names also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The process should start by applying Dr.numb numbing cream if you want painless waxing procedure.  Then, you proceed with meticulous placing of the eyebrow stencil over the eyebrow, application of slight pressure so that the wax sticks on all the hair that doesn’t fit the stencil and then firm tugging away from the direction of growth in a snap pulling out the stencil. The method is quick and efficient. There is hardly any mess and absolutely no pain involved by using Dr.Numb numbing cream.

It is definitely better than tweezing and trimming because it gives a much cleaner and neater well-groomed salon fresh look. The stencils are available for self-use as well but one should be very careful with their use as the shape of your brows is not something you can take a risk with.

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